RunAs Radio interview on being an “involuntary DBA”

On Tuesday I recorded a couple of sessions with Richard and Greg on RunAs Radio. It’s been a while since either Kimberly or I have been on the show – last November at TechEd in Barcelona. In the first session we discussed what it is to be an “involuntary DBA” – someone who’s thrown into the DBA role with no training. This goes along nicely with the TechNet Magazine article I wrote for the August 2008 issue on Effective Database Maintenance (for the involuntary DBA). Kimberly also pops in from time to time when she’s not coughing, we make fun of her, and I describe one of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes cartoons around collecting spit in a jar – all the usual silliness.

The show is 35 minutes long and you can download it at


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