Spring 2018 classes in Chicago and Bellevue open for registration

I’ve just released our first set of 2018 classes for registration!

We’ll be adding new classes in Chicago over the coming weeks, including classes on data mining and AI. We’ve also added some classes in London – see here for details.

All classes have discounts for registering before the end of 2017! (details on the individual class web pages…)

Our classes in April/May will be in Chicago, IL:

  • IEPTO1: Immersion Event on Performance Tuning and Optimization – Part 1
    • April 23-27
  • IE0: Immersion Event for Junior/Accidental DBAs
    • April 23-25
  • IEUpgrade: Immersion Event on Upgrading and New Features
    • April 23-25
  • IECAG: Immersion Event on Clustering and Availability Groups
    • April 26-27
  • IEAzure: Immersion Event on Azure SQL Database and Azure VMs
    • April 26-27
  • IEPTO2: Immersion Event on Performance Tuning and Optimization – Part 2
    • April 30 – May 4
  • IEBIStrat: Immersion Event on Developing a BI and Analytics Strategy
    • April 30 – May 2
  • IEBISec: Immersion Event on Securing Your BI Platform
    • May 3-4
  • IEPS: Immersion Event on PowerShell for SQL Server DBAs
    • April 30 – May 2
  • IESSIS1: Immersion Event on Learning SQL Server Integration Services
    • May 7-11
  • Coming soon for the week of May 7: classes on data mining and AI.

Our class in June will be in Bellevue, WA:

  • IEPTO1: Immersion Event on Performance Tuning and Optimization – Part 1
    • June 18-22

You can get all the logistical, registration, and curriculum details by drilling down from our main schedule page.

We hope to see you there!

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