Today I finally managed to hook-up with SQL Server MVP and Regional Director Greg Low so he could interview me for his podcast show – we’d spent the last few months juggling schedules and time-zone differences (he’s 17 hours ahead of Redmond) but today the stars aligned and we made it. You can download the interview at – show #24. Thanks Greg!

Ok – this is really geeky, but I love making models, and especially the harder Lego models. Lego is one of the coolest toys ever and I’ve been a big fan since I was a small child. Lego announced in the Spring their biggest Lego model ever – a large scale Ultimate Collector’s Millenium FalconTM with 5195 pieces (check it out here on the Lego site). I pre-ordered mine right away!

Kimberly was away teaching for Microsoft in India the first two weeks of October this year. So what does Paul do when Kimberly’s away? Well, apart from feverishly blogging on my new blog, I made the Falcon, which arrived the day before she left. I reckon it took me about 25-30 hours total time over the course of two weeks.

Here’s a picture of the finished model, with a Diet Pepsi can alongside to give you an idea of the scale (click on it to get to a hi-res image you can scroll around to see the detail). Below is a bit of detail blow-up featuring my nick-name-sake Chewie.


      Pretty cool eh? :-)