Just found out that the 25-page FILESTREAM whitepaper I wrote recently for the SQL team has been published on MSDN.

You can get it at https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh461480.aspx.


Here’s the table of contents.

  • Introduction
  • Choices for BLOB Storage
  • Overview of FILESTREAM
    • Dual Programming Model Access to BLOB Data
    • When to Use FILESTREAM
  • Configuring Windows for FILESTREAM
    • Hardware Selection and Configuration
    • Physical Storage Layout
    • RAID Level Choice
    • Drive Interface Choice
    • NTFS Configuration
      • Optimizing NTFS Performance
      • Cluster Size
      • Managing Fragmentation
      • Compression
      • Space Management
      • Security
    • Antivirus Considerations
    • Enabling FILESTREAM in Windows
  • Configuring SQL Server for FILESTREAM
    • Security Considerations
    • Enabling FILESTREAM in SQL Server
    • Creating a Database Enabled for FILESTREAM
    • Creating a Table for Storing FILESTREAM Data
    • Configuring FILESTREAM Garbage Collection
    • Partitioning Considerations
    • Load Balancing of FILESTREAM Data
    • Feature Combinations and Restrictions
  • Performance Tuning and Benchmarking Considerations
  • Data Migration Considerations
  • FILESTREAM Usage Best Practices
  • Conclusion