SQL Server 2008: Using Change Data Capture with SSIS

I was perusing the latest release of the SQL Server 2008 Books Online on MSDN (look, Kimberly’s in Dublin this week – what else am I supposed to do to amuse myself in the evenings? :-) and found a cool new section on change data capture in the SSIS section. It’s called Improving Incremental Loads with Change Data Capture and shows how to create an SSIS package that will pull incremental change data for a single table, and for multiple tables. If you read my article on CDC in the October TechNet Magazine (see my blog post here) and have been playing around, then this BOL topic could save you a bunch of time.

Check it out at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb895315.aspx.

2 thoughts on “SQL Server 2008: Using Change Data Capture with SSIS

  1. Hi Paul,

    I thought that article was ok. Read it a few weeks back while on the course and looking for a reference.

    What did surprise me is that is does its work based on date and time rather than by LSN. Surely that could lead you to miss things. Why on earth doesn’t it do it by LSN?



  2. Yeah, it’s not stunning but it does at least show how to pull SSIS into the mix. CDC doesn’t use time – it uses LSNs but there are functions to convert time into LSNs. BOL and my TechNet article explain this.


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