SQLintersection: your new SQL Server conference

This is a quick post to announce that we’ve designed a cool new SQL Server conference, where we control all aspects of the show (including the speakers, the sessions, the workshops, the format, the schedule, and everything else) to make sure you get the best possible conference experience and the best possible return on your time and budget investment.

[Just to be clear, because there’s some confusion, this conference hass nothing to do with Penton Media or Connections – this conference is owned by us. Connections has disappeared as far as we know.]

It’s going to be twice per year, and the first one is in Las Vegas, April 9th to 11th, with two pre-con days and one post-con day. We have an incredible line-up of speakers for the first show:

  • Aaron Bertrand, Sr. Consultant, SQL Sentry, Inc. (blog | twitter)
  • Andrew J. Kelly, Mentor, SolidQ (blog | twitter)
  • Bob Ward, Principal Architect Escalation Engineer, Microsoft (blog | twitter)
  • Brent Ozar, Brent Ozar Unlimited (blog | twitter)
  • Conor Cunningham, Principal Architect, SQL Server, Microsoft (blog)
  • Grant Fritchey, Product Evangelist, Red Gate Software (blog | twitter)
  • Jeremiah Peschka, Brent Ozar Unlimited (blog | twitter)
  • Joe Sack, Principal Consultant, SQLskills.com (blog | twitter)
  • Kendra Little, Managing Director, Brent Ozar Unlimited (blog | twitter)
  • Kimberly L. Tripp, President/Founder, SQLskills.com (blog | twitter)
  • Paul S. Randal, CEO / Owner, SQLskills.com (blog | twitter)
  • Paul White, SQL Kiwi Limited (blog | twitter)
  • Steve Jones, Editor, SQLServerCentral.com (blog | twitter)

Kimberly wrote a long blog post with all the details about the conference so rather than duplicate all that on my blog, I’ll point you at her post here.

ill_be_thereWe’ll be there – hopefully you will too!

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