I just heard today that the first whitepaper I’ve written for Microsoft has been published!

The abstract is:

SQL Server Replication: Providing High-Availability using Database Mirroring

This white paper describes how to use database mirroring to increase the availability of the replication stream in a transactional environment. It covers setting up replication in a mirrored environment, the effect of mirroring partnership state changes, and the effect of mirroring failovers on replication. In addition, it describes how to use LSN-based initialization to recover from the failover of a mirrored subscriber database.

Although brief overviews are given of both replication and database mirroring, it is easier to understand this white paper if the reader has some experience with one or both of these technologies, and has at least a rudimentary knowledge of database concepts such as transactions.

You can download it from http://download.microsoft.com/download/d/9/4/d948f981-926e-40fa-a026-5bfcf076d9b9/ReplicationAndDBM.docx and I’ll put a link in our whitepapers page.