SQL Server2008: New whitepaper on combining transactional replication and database mirroring

I just heard today that the first whitepaper I’ve written for Microsoft has been published!

The abstract is:

SQL Server Replication: Providing High-Availability using Database Mirroring

This white paper describes how to use database mirroring to increase the availability of the replication stream in a transactional environment. It covers setting up replication in a mirrored environment, the effect of mirroring partnership state changes, and the effect of mirroring failovers on replication. In addition, it describes how to use LSN-based initialization to recover from the failover of a mirrored subscriber database.

Although brief overviews are given of both replication and database mirroring, it is easier to understand this white paper if the reader has some experience with one or both of these technologies, and has at least a rudimentary knowledge of database concepts such as transactions.

You can download it from http://download.microsoft.com/download/d/9/4/d948f981-926e-40fa-a026-5bfcf076d9b9/ReplicationAndDBM.docx and I’ll put a link in our whitepapers page.


2 thoughts on “SQL Server2008: New whitepaper on combining transactional replication and database mirroring

  1. Hi
    I need help on this.
    I have the Asynch mirroring with transactional replication(push subscripton with remote distributor) set up in test environment.
    When principal server goes down, i manually force the service on to the mirror server.
    Replication is failover as a part of mirroring. When the principal comes up ,both are in suspended state. I resume the mirroring on the new principal(former mirror) ,replication works fine,but when I see the log reader agent status from the GUI on new principal it prmopts to connect to distributor and when I try to connect it doesn connect and there no logs as well. When I want to see the synchronization status on the new principal puch subscription it throws error ‘an error occurred while attempting to access subscription(view synchronization status) the subscription does not exist(view synchronization status) without the error code. how to resolve this?
    So when replication failsover to new principal server,through SSMS GUI the replication publisher will still say publisher is the old principal.IS this the expected behavior of the replication?

    1. If you hit refresh in SSMS and it still throws the error then your replication is not configured correctly for mirroring failover. The whitepaper explains how to do this. If you still have problems, that’s beyond the scope of this medium – you’ll need someone to look at your configuration. Either Product Support can help you, or contact us for some consulting help.

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