SQLskills.com Announces Time-Setback Technology for DBAs

(Redmond, WA: For immediate release worldwide)

Today, in a surprise development that has stunned industry analysts, SQLskills.com announced a new technology for DBAs that will help in the never-ending battle against human-error and unforeseen disasters. The patent-pending Time-Setback technology allows DBAs of SQL Server to literally rewind time and avoid disasters before they happen.

Renowned SQL expert Kimberly Tripp said in an interview earlier today: "This will be a real boost for harried DBAs. All this time I've been going on and on and on about how DBAs should have a comprehensive backup strategy to cope with disasters. Now they can just forget all of that, throw caution to the wind, and rely on a Time-Setback device!"

Asked how the R&D department developed the technology, a spokesman for the company said "We got the idea after reading Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, where Hermione is given a Time-Turner device from Professor Dumbledore. We figured there had to be some scientific basis for it, just like all those books that explain how Star Trek and the X-Files are based on real physics too. So, we had a crack at creating it and it worked! I'm not sure the color's quite right though. Maybe we'll change that in V2. Anyway, cool eh?"

A further disclosure, from a major software company, explained that it is in talks with SQLskills.com to purchase almost a thousand of the devices to hand out to developers to "ensure we ship this year and don't have to change the name". The spokesman wouldn't name the product when pressed.

The device will launch on April 1st, 2008, and will be available for immediate delivery. Although the company has only manufactured 4 of the devices, it will use one of them to do just-in-time manufacturing as orders stream in. For further details, please send email to: AprilFools@SQLskills.com

(Redmond, WA: For immediate release worldwide)

2 thoughts on “SQLskills.com Announces Time-Setback Technology for DBAs

  1. :)…I hope that the device will be easy to use…a single button (ON / OFF) is enough…
    And what about the color? May I suggest a "peach" version? :) :)

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