SQLskills community mentoring – round 6

We’ve had a mentoring program here at SQLskills for a few years (the brainchild of Jonathan), where each of us can pick someone who’s attended one of our Immersion Events in the past and offer to be their mentor for six months.

It’s time to kick off the fifth mentoring session. You can read about the previous mentees below:

I’ll be the only one mentoring this time. I continue to find it interesting helping my mentees with a variety of personal and professional goals (whatever they want help with) and getting to know them better. This time I’ll be mentoring Dainius Sutkevicius who’s taken IE1, IE2, and IE3 previously. A brief resume of Dainius in his own words:

Dainius Sutkevicius has been working as a Sr. SQL Server DBA for an international natural and organic foods retailer for the past several years.

He is highly-motivated, well versed IT professional with over 15 years of experience in logistics, telecommunications, trading and retail industries. He possesses diverse skills and experience in troubleshooting, optimizing, maintaining and developing secure, high availability and performance database solutions.

When he is not tinkering with technology he enjoys spending time with his family, digital imaging, javelin throwing and reading about quantum physics, cosmology and philosophy.

He blogs at http://www.SqlSorcerer.com and is on Twitter @SqlSorcerer.

Congratulations to Dainius – I’m looking forward to working with him over the next six months.

PS I’m often asked how to get into our mentoring program – it’s simple: attend one of our Immersion Events and get to know one of us, and then ask and see if there’s a match that works.

One thought on “SQLskills community mentoring – round 6

  1. It is an honor and a privilege to be mentored by Paul. I am looking forward to our six month adventure.
    Blog site will be “live” soon.

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