SQLskills crew at Spring conferences

My goodness – no sooner are we done with one crazy conference season when planning starts for the next lot!

We've just finalized the line-up for two conferences in the Spring: DevTeach in Toronto and SQL Connections in Las Vegas (changing it's name for this one event to Microsoft SQL Server Conference and Expo).

This is the first time Kimberly and I are doing a DevTeach show – going to be fun presenting to 100% developers. At the show we're doing:

  • A pre-con workshop: Indexing for Performance
  • A post-con workshop: Developers Can't Ignore SQL Server Database Maintenance!
  • 4 sessions:
    • Paul: Tips and Tricks for Proper SQL Server Table Design
    • Paul: Index Fragmentation: What it is and why you need to care
    • Kimberly: Helping the Optimizer Help You!
    • Kimberly: Optimizing Procedural Code

At the Connections show all four of us from SQLskills will be there:

  • A pre-con workshop (Stacia): A 360-Degree View of SQL Server 2008 R2 Business Intelligence
  • A pre-con workshop (Paul & Kimberly): Do you feel the Need for Speed? Tuning for High Performance.
  • A post-con workshop (Bob): Writing SQL Server database applications and stored procedures for best performance
  • *17* sessions:
    • Paul: DBA Mythbusters
    • Paul: Understanding Logging and Recovery in SQL Server
    • Paul: Building the Right Backup Strategy
    • Paul & Kimberly: Follow the Rabbit: Wrap-up Q&A
    • Kimberly: Leveraging Centralized Management Servers in SQL Server 2008
    • Kimberly: SQL Server Covering: Concepts, Concerns, & Costs
    • Kimberly: Statistics: Are they really important?
    • Kimberly: GUIDs: A Gift or a Gremlin?
    • Stacia: Demystifying Analysis Services Stored Procedures
    • Stacia: Exploring the New Reporting Services
    • Stacia: What's DAX?
    • Stacia: Data, Data, Who Owns the Data?
    • Bob: A Database Developer and DBA perspective – LINQ To SQL and Entity Framework vs. Stored Procedures
    • Bob: Visualizing And Extending SQL Server Spatial Data: Maps, Reports, and Analysis
    • Bob: Modeling and Implementing Hierarchies With SQL Server
    • Bob: Complex Event Processing with StreamInsight
    • Bob: Exploring SQL Server Azure Database and Data Tier Applications

Plus we've lined up more of the top speakers in the SQL world (Andrew Kelly, Ross Mistry, Don Kiely, Brian Larson, Craig Utley) to bring you 12 sessions each focused on developer, DBA, and BI topics.

You can see the full abstracts of all our sessions and workshops, along with links to the conference websites, on our Upcoming Events page.

We hope to see you there!

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