The spring conferences are creeping up on us and there will be four of us at SQL Connections in Orlando, March 27-30 (me, Kimberly, Bob, and Brent).

Here's what we're doing:

  • Workshops 
    • 3/27: Day of Scripting: Plumbing The Depths of SQL Server / PowerShell Integration (Bob Beauchemin)
    • 3/27: The Building Blocks of a Healthy and Available SQL Server (Paul and Kimberly)
    • 3/31: Indexing Strategies and Analysis (Kimberly)
    • 3/31: Virtualization and SAN Basics for DBAs (Brent Ozar)
  • Paul's Sessions
    • Index Fragmentation: The Hidden Menace
    • More DBA Mythbusters
    • Undocumented Tools and Trace Flags
    • Follow the Rabbit: Wrap-up Q&A
  • Kimberly's Sessions
    • VLDB: Recovering from Isolated Disasters
    • Index Internals: What You Really Need to Know!
    • Optimizing Procedural Code
    • Follow the Rabbit: Wrap-up Q&A
  • Bob's Sessions
    • Expanding the Scope and Ease of Use of Query Plan Guides in SQL Server 2008
    • Full Text Search in SQL Server 2008 and Denali
    • Spatial Data "Stretches Out" in SQL Server Denali
  • Brent's Sessions
    • BLITZ! SQL Server Takeovers
    • Consolidation, Clustering, and Virtualization: Choosing Wisely
    • Tuning T-SQL Step by Step

For more information check out the conference website:

  • General details
  • Workshop abstracts
  • Session abstracts

We hope to see you there!