SQLskills holiday gift to you: all 2015 Insider videos

As we all wind down for the 2016 holiday season, we want to give the SQL Server community a holiday gift to say ‘thank you’ for all your support during 2016, and what better gift than more free content?!

As many of you know, I publish a bi-weekly newsletter to more than 13,500 subscribers that contains an editorial on a SQL Server topic, a demo video, and a book review of my most recently completed book. We’re making all the 2015 demo videos available so everyone can watch them – 25 videos in all, mostly in WMV format. I did the same thing the last few years for the 2014 videos2013 videos2012 videos, and 2011 videos.

Here are the details:

  • January 2015: Measuring sequential I/O performance (video | demo code)
  • January 2015: Incremental statistics (video | demo code)
  • February 2015: Delayed durability (video | demo code)
  • February 2015: Availability Groups using named instances (video | no demo code)
  • March 2015: Using sp_rev_login (video | demo code)
  • March 2015: Adding tempdb data files (video | demo code)
  • March 2015: Using DML triggers with CDC (from Pluralsight) (video | no demo code)
  • April 2015: Compensation log records (from Pluralsight) (video | demo code)
  • April 2015: The effects of AUTO_CLOSE (video | demo code)
  • May 2015: 2014 backup encryption (video | demo code)
  • May 2015: Using CrystalDiskMark for I/O benchmarking (video | no demo code)
  • June 2015: Backing up to a URL (video | no demo code)
  • June 2015: Using data compression (video | demo code)
  • July 2015: More on incremental statistics (video | demo code)
  • August 2015: Tracking page splits (from Pluralsight) (video | demo code)
  • August 2015: 2016 stretch database (video | demo code)
  • August 2015: Using CPU-Z for benchmarking (video | no demo code)
  • September 2015: Using Extended Events histogram targets (video | demo code)
  • September 2015: Converting scalar UDFs to inline TVFs (video | demo code)
  • October 2015: Low-priority lock waits (from Pluralsight) (video | demo code)
  • October 2015: Impact of the cluster key on index structure size (from Pluralsight) (video | demo code)
  • October 2015: Changes to @@VERSION (video | demo code)
  • November 2015: Introducing Query Store (video | demo code)
  • November 2015: Execution plan patterns (from PASS) (video | demo code)
  • December 2015: Predicate pushdown diagnostics (video | demo code)

If you want to see the 2016 videos before next December, get all the newsletter back-issues, and follow along as the newsletters come out, just sign-up at https://www.SQLskills.com/Insider. No strings attached, no marketing or advertising, just free content.

Happy Holidays and enjoy the videos!

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