SQLskills is now a Microsoft Gold Data Platform Partner

We’ve been doing a huge amount of work this year with Microsoft field offices and customers on upgrades and Azure (especially around Azure Managed Instance) and it’s apparent that certain customers can be reluctant to engage with you unless you can answer ‘Yes!’ to ‘Are you a Gold Partner?’

We already had all the qualifications so we decided to embrace the whole Microsoft Partner thing fully and upped ourselves to Gold Data Platform Partner, as of today.

Thanks to our great team, Achievement Unlocked!


9 thoughts on “SQLskills is now a Microsoft Gold Data Platform Partner

  1. Congratulations!! Obviously your potential customers who “…can be reluctant to engage with you unless you can answer ‘Yes!’ to ‘Are you a Gold Partner?’” have not been around the SQL Server community very much. If they had, they would realize that you folks don’t need any “Certification” to be considered a “Gold Data Platform” group!

    1. It’s very common for executives and other TDMs to not be involved in the community at all, so don’t know us from any other consulting company. The Gold certification is one way for them to know we aren’t just fly-by-night cowboys.

      1. Whoa, partner! Your “we aren’t just fly-by-night cowboys” comment made me think you might be poking fun at a member of the SQL community that lives “way out west”, flies a lot (presumably sometimes at night), and is pictured wearing a loud shirt and cowboy hat on horseback (a cowboy). (HaHa!) You both are valued members of the community and I’ve learned a lot from both of you. Congratulations on your certification.

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