This is a really simple post, making sure you’re aware of the incredibly cost-effective way you can get hold of the kind of quality SQL Server training that only SQLskills provides.

Since last year we’ve been recording a variety of online training courses, partnering with our good friends at Pluralsight. They provide a hassle-free, multi-platform way (including common mobile devices) of watching online training, so why would we try to build and maintain something ourselves, when what we’re good at is SQL Server?

We decided to provide online training both as an alternative for those who aren’t able to attend our in-person classes, and as a way to complement those classes.

You may have heard that we’ve been doing that. However, you may not be aware of just how inexpensive it is to get hold of our training: $29 a month, or $299 a year.

And for that you get all our online training, currently more than 72 hours in 21 courses, with all the new courses we record and publish (more than 15 more slated for 2013 alone). They’re chock full of meaningful demos, real-world scenarios, and information you need to help you work more productively and effectively with SQL Server.

Oh, and you also get the other 530 technical training courses that Pluralsight provides, with many thousands of hours more training on SharePoint, C#, Windows, ASP.NET, BI, and lots more!

All for $29 a month. Not bad eh? Can you really afford to be missing out on what your colleagues and rivals-for-jobs are watching and learning?

Try 200 minutes of course material over ten days for free – see HERE.

Here’s our current catalog:

See you online!