Still some spots available on the 5-day class in Boston in 3 weeks

Our first public class of the year is just over 3 weeks away! This is the *only* public class we'll be teaching in the US in 2010. There are a few spots left so book now to avoid disappointment.

We've teamed up with our good friend Adam Machanic to bring a week-long custom class to the Boston area. In this class Kimberly and I take turns teaching modules and we're both on hand to answer questions, do research, and try things out (and banter too!). The tag-team approach works *really well* and make the class very enjoyable and relaxed for those attending (and for us!).

The class will be March 29th-April 2nd in the Le Meridien hotel in Cambridge, MA and will cover:

  • On-disk structures: how the data is stored
  • Index internals: how the data is organized
  • Logging and recovery: how the data is protected
  • Choosing the RIGHT Data Type
  • Table & Index Partitioning Strategies
  • Data Access
  • Indexing Strategies
  • Data and log file provisioning and management
  • Tempdb
  • Index and statistics maintenance
  • Using backup and restore (plus internals)
  • Consistency checking and disaster recovery

You can see a much more detailed course outline here and full details including how to register at Adam's Boston SQL Training website.

We hope to see you there!

5 thoughts on “Still some spots available on the 5-day class in Boston in 3 weeks

  1. Oh I’d love to sit and soak up the knowledge for a week. Just don’t have the 3k to lay out right now!

  2. @sqlbumper Nope – as the post says, this is the only public class we’re doing in the US in 2010. Maybe in 2011…

  3. What about offering a digital version afterwards? (and I mean more than just samples) As epic as I know you guys are, there’s no way I could justify the total cost of the trip ($ and time) to my employer.

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