Survey: how often do you perform a full backup?

In this survey, I'm interested in how often you perform a full database backup of your production databases. I'll editorialize the results in a week or two.


4 thoughts on “Survey: how often do you perform a full backup?

  1. Details details…
    Full backups Daily, tlog every 15 or 30 minutes depending upon customer needs.

    Full backups & matching tlogs (just to maintain an obvious timeline) are kept available for several weeks until manual Restore testing has been performed and a known good full backup is verified – only official verified good ones are moved offsite, all others are "recycled."

    We suggest customer keep as many around / online as possible "just incase" – you never know when you need to restore to. Several automate the Restore testing, or use log shipping as their testing and maintaining of warm backup.


  2. Daily in most of the environments(tlogs depending on the business needs) and Full (once a week) + differentials in environments where we have VLDBs or problems like SAN "overcommitting". The latter is beautiful, by the way. Just put all servers on the same SAN…

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