Survey: what are the most common causes of performance problems?

This survey follows on from the survey results I just blogged about, and is particularly apt given we're here in Dallas this week teaching our Immersion Event on Performance Tuning.

I'm interested to know the root causes of your last few performance problems. I know that we all debug multiple performance problems every week, so have a think about the issues you debugged over the last week or month and vote a few times (or as many times as you want) to reflect the eventual root cause that was determined.

In the second survey, I'd like your opinion on what the most common cause of SQL Server performance problems is. Slightly different way of looking at things, and it'll be interesting to see how the results differ from the first survey.

Please vote as many times as you want on the first survey – free survey website only allows ten choices and no multi-select – but only vote once on the second survey.

(Damn – forgot to tick the box for 'Allow other' as a response – feel free to leave a comment with another response!) 

I'll report on the results in a couple of weeks.


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