Survey: what’s the largest SQL Server database at your company?

In my survey this week I'd like to find out how large the largest single SQL Server database is at your company (how much space does the data take up on disk, roughly). I ran a similar survey almost two years ago and I think it will be interesting to compare the results.

[Edit: the survey is closed now.] 

I'll report on the results next week. If you answer with a database size more than 20TB, I'd be really interested to know the size so I can tell people – completely anonymously of course. Leave a comment if you want.


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7 thoughts on “Survey: what’s the largest SQL Server database at your company?

  1. Sir,I believe with such huge numbers already listed in the poll result(still running),the great big databases will surely be among data-warehouse.OLTP performance and DR risk will increase with such huge sizes.For OLTP,I have worked on a 700GB database.Do you think an OLTP can go in TBs without compromising on performance and administrative efforts?

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