Survey: where do you store your database backups?

In this survey I'd like to know where you store your SQL Server backups. If a disaster occurs, where do you get them from? It doesn't matter what method you use to create the backups (native SQL Server, 3rd-party backup solution, DPM) but we're talking about database backups here, not OS-level backups.

I'll report on the results on a couple of weeks.


2 thoughts on “Survey: where do you store your database backups?

  1. We use SQL Maintenance Plans to create full nightly backups of all databases. These .bak backup files are stored locally on the SAN and also offloaded to tapes which are kept offsite. The main database is restored from backup nightly to a dev database, and Ola Hallengren’s Database Integrity Checker is run nightly against that restore.


    Andre Ranieri

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