Tales from the women’s bathroom in the Microsoft office in Beijing

Well, I bet that title grabbed a bunch of people’s attention :-)

In the Beijing Advanced Research Centre offices of Microsoft where we’re teaching this week, the bathroom stalls have print-outs of jokes on them. The ones in the women’s bathroom are pretty good – here are a couple of them that made us laugh (thanks to Kimberly for doing the research!)

#1: A man has a girlfriend, Lorraine, who’s he’s been dating for a while. He’s pretty happy. Into his life suddenly comes a new woman, called Clearly, who is better than Lorraine in many ways – she knows the best place in town to visit, to eat, and to dance. Unfortunately he doesn’t want to give up on Lorraine though. One day they’re walking along the banks of a river when Lorraine falls in and is swept away. The man starts singing ‘I can see Clearly now Lorraine has gone…’

#2: A man and his wife are lying in bed, just about to fall asleep. The conversation goes like this:

Wife: ‘If I were to die, would you re-marry?’

Husband: ‘Of course not!’

Wife: ‘Why? Don’t you like being married?’

Husband: ‘Well, yes – I suppose I would re-marry’

Wife: ‘Would you take down all the pictures of me and replace them with her?’

Husband: ‘Well yes, that would be the proper thing to do’

Wife: ‘Would you let her use my golf-clubs?’

Husband: ‘No, she’s left handed… oh shit!’


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