TechNet Magazine: December 2008 SQL Q&A column

It's really scary how quickly time flies – seems like it was just last week when I last blogged about TechNet Magazine (actually it was a month ago when I blogged about my 2008 Change Tracking article – see here). Anyway, a new issue of TechNet Magazine has just come out and this one has the latest installment of my bi-monthly SQL Q&A column.

This month's topics are:

  • How row-overflow columns can lead to poor range scan performance, even on completely defragmented indexes.
  • Combining database mirroring and failover clustering without undesired failover behavior.
  • Adding differential backups to a full+log backup strategy to lower recovery time.
  • Memory settings for multi-instance failover clustering

You can get to the column online at


PS If you have any ideas for what would make a good SQL Q&A topic, please drop me a line –

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