TechNet Magazine: feature article on Advanced Troubleshooting with Extended Events

The January 2009 issue of TechNet Magazine is now available on the web and has a new article I wrote on Advanced Troubleshooting with Extended Events in SQL Server 2008. The article covers:

  • An overview of troubleshooting in SQL Server, along with links to a bunch of tools like DMVStats and RML
  • An overview of extended events, with descriptions of all the parts of the feature and how to investigate them with the new DMVs
  • Performance considerations of how you setup an extended events session, especially on multi-core servers
  • An example where I build an I/O chargeback mechanism to tie into a system controlled by the SQL Server 2008 resource governor

You can get to the article here, which also has a link to a screencast of me doing a demo. And you can bet that this is an area I’ll be blogging about going forward too.


PS This issue also has the editorial where I get made a Contributing Editor :-)

2 thoughts on “TechNet Magazine: feature article on Advanced Troubleshooting with Extended Events

  1. Hi Paul,

    Only find time to read your article today, and I did not regret the hour I spent reading and testing.

    This is very great indeed. Thanks for the article

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