Training budget: use it or lose it – prepaid seats offer

It's the end of the financial year for most companies and we've had two companies in the last week approach us about pre-paying for 2012 classes to use up 2011 budget.

We've put together an offer that will run from now through the end of April (to entice you to spend 2012 budget early too!) where you can pre-pay six class seats for the price of five at the early-bird price (i.e. $14,975 – saving $2,995).

Here's how it works:

  • You go to our registration page and select 'Pre-paid 6 seats for the price of 5 for 2012 classes'. You can pay using any of our methods – and we can also invoice a PO if you want.
  • The six seats MUST be used for classes in 2012 in the US (we can discuss the UK classes over email – it's more complicated).
  • The seats can be used in any combination of US classes and do not have to be in the same class or the same person.
  • It covers the class fees but does NOT register anyone automatically. Class attendees need to register for the desired class ASAP to secure their seats, as seats are only available in a class until the class is sold out.
  • The process to register for a class using a pre-paid seat is to select the 'Check/Wire Transfer/Prepaid Block' payment option for the desired class, use the discount code 'prepaid', and complete registration. We will take care of matching registrations to the pre-paid block.
  • This does NOT cover travel and hotel expenses.

Here are the US classes to choose from in 2012:

  • IE1: Feb 27 – Mar 2, 2012: Internals and Performance in Tampa, FL
  • IE2: Mar 5-9, 2012: Performance Tuning in Tampa, FL
  • IE3: Mar 12-16, 2012: High Availability/Disaster Recovery in Tampa, FL
  • IE1: Apr 16-20, 2012: Internals and Performance in Chicago, IL
  • IEBI: Apr 16-20, 2012: Business Intelligence in Chicago, IL
  • IE2: Apr 23-27, 2012: Performance Tuning in Chicago, IL
  • IED: Apr 23-27, 2012: Developer Immersion in Chicago, IL
  • IE1: Aug 6-10, 2012*: Internals and Performance in Bellevue, WA
  • IE2: Aug 13-17, 2012*: Performance Tuning in Bellevue, WA
  • IED: Aug 13-17, 2012*: Developer Immersion in Bellevue, WA
  • IE3: Aug 20-24, 2012*: High Availability/Disaster Recovery in Bellevue, WA
  • IEBI: Aug 20-24, 2012*: Business Intelligence in Bellevue, WA
  • IE4: Aug 27-31, 2012*: Development Support (Security/Powershell/Opt Proc) in Bellevue, WA
  • IE1: Oct/Nov** – In Houston, TX and/or possibly Newark, NJ
  • IE2: Oct/Nov** – In Houston, TX and/or possibly Newark, NJ
  • * – these classes are confirmed with hotel contracts signed and will open for registration at the start of February 2012
  • ** – these classes are not confirmed and the dates/locations may change.

Hopefully this will work for some of you and allow you not to lose that precious budget!

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