Wait statistics workshop at SQLBits in London 2020 – finally!

We’re coming to SQLBits finally! Both Kimberly and I will be there for the first time in London in March/April – at long last the dates work for us – plus Erin will be there again too.

The training day schedule for the conference has been announced, and I will be presenting a full-day preconference workshop on Tuesday, 31st March. My workshop, Performance Troubleshooting using Waits and Latches, is my favorite thing to teach (yes, even more than corruption and DBCC CHECKDB!) and I really love helping people understand the common waits and debunking myths and misconceptions around them. Don’t waste time when it comes to performance troubleshooting; wait statistics are the easiest route to understanding your performance problems and I want to help you get there faster!

We’ve heard really good things about SQLBits so we’re really looking forward to going – hope to see you there!

PS Note that this will be the only chance to see us in Europe in 2020 as we won’t be back with Immersion Events in the UK until 2021.

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