Wasting time on vacation

This isn't a SQL Server blog post so doesn't count against my vacation.

Just finished making the Lego model of the original Death Star that I got for Christmas. Took me about 24 hours altogether. Click the photo for a larger version.


No need to grow up when there's Lego to play with :-)

11 thoughts on “Wasting time on vacation

  1. Just an FYI there is a structural problem with the lego death star, it appears there is an exhaust vent that leads directly to the center that if an object the size of a tic tack where dropped on, could cause chatostrophic stuctural damage. When Officials at Lego where informed of this, they said "We here at Lego stand by our construction of the Death Star, we doubt one small exhaust vent will be the downfall of our Fully Functional Battle Station."

    ….some how I think I’ve heard that before….

  2. There is no such thing as wasting time on vacation!

    I see that you’ve now resorted to product placement ads in your blog posts ;-)

  3. Hey dude, does this ad picture & the blog was paid by Pepsi or what? I also wondered whether you created a DR plan in case the whole structure is collapsed !!! lol

  4. My son Jack has been begging for this one. He will be impressed that I know someone that has built it.

  5. Building with LEGO is never "wasting time"!

    Besides, the other LEGO Deathstar is much more fun to build (and play with).

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