Weekly survey: does size really matter – or is it what you do with it?

This week's survey is a little more complicated. I'm interested in the physical layout of your databases. I've got four surveys, for a variety of database sizes. Please vote multiple times in each survey, as you see fit – and by all means forward this link to your friends/clients/etc or re-blog/tweet it. I'm going to report on this survey in two weeks, to give a bit more time for people to respond (and because we're travelling next week). I think we're going to see some interesting statistics come out of this – the more people that respond the better. I'll report on it 4/24/09.

One thing to note – this is just for user databases, not for tempdb. In the surveys, "multiple filegroups" implies multiple files too, and if you don't have them spread exactly one per drive/etc, just choose that option – I only have 10 options to choose from in the free surveys. 

(If you're in the over 1TB range and have multiple files/filesgroups spread over multiple drives/arrays/LUNs, vote using the last option on the >1TB survey and I'll lump them together.) 

Phew – thanks!

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