This week's survey is inspired from many stories I saw on the forums and Twitter this week – mostly bad, one good (someone I'm following is spending the weekend testing their disaster recovery plan – cool!). I'd like to know whether you're ever tested your disaster recovery plan, and if so, what happened? I'll report on the results sometime of the weekend of 5/24/09.

And what do I mean by disaster recovery? The definition varies from just restoring a backup to conducting a full failover of a datacenter – but I'd like you to decide for yourself. I'll editorialize more about this next week.

As always, a big Thanks! for contributing to the blog by responding. Please shoot me an email (Contact button, bottom left of the blog) if you have an idea for a good survey.

PS No comments on this post please (I'll delete them straight away) – please wait for the survey results post to avoid skewing the answers.

PPS Probably a lot less blogging/Twitter (@PaulRandal) this coming week – I'm teaching all 5 days.