In this week's survey I'd like to know how often you run consistency checks on your *most critical* production database, regardless of *how* you run them (we did that survery already – see Importance of how you run consistency checks). I'll report on the results around July 4th.

I'd only like you to answer for your *most critical* production database, as the frequency will probably vary wildly by database, server, production vs. dev/QA and so on. If everyone answers for their most critical database then we won't get skewed results.

*Please* no comments on this post – wait for the survey results post to avoid skewing the answers. I'm very interested in your reasoning, but not until everyone else responds.

As always, a big Thanks! for contributing to the blog/community by responding. Please shoot me an email (Contact button, bottom left of the blog), or ping me on Twitter (@PaulRandal) if you have an idea for a good survey.

PS Thanks to Pat Wright for suggesting this week's topic on Twitter.