Weekly survey: large-value character storage

(And it's official – this is blog post 39 this month, making this my most prolific month yet for blogging. An arguably dubious achievement…)

In this week's survey, I'm interested in your views on the best way to store large-value character data. I'll report on the results next week (around 4/3/09).


4 thoughts on “Weekly survey: large-value character storage

  1. Another "it depends".

    Off the top of my head, I would want to know:

    Define "large".
    Do you need unicode or not?
    What is your hardware setup?
    What is the business need driving this?

  2. Aaabsolutely. I’ll go into all the details in the accompanying editorial next week. But Shhh – I’d like to see what people vote.

  3. the new filestream object. that’s my vote. all bets there please. I can’t believe how right i am.

    Wait. By ‘large-value’ do you mean font size? (that was a joke.)

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