Weekly survey: transaction log size management

In this week's survey, I'm interested in how *you* manage the size of your transaction log. I'll report on the results around 4/10/2009.


(No comments please… wait till the results post next week) 

6 thoughts on “Weekly survey: transaction log size management

  1. In order to maximize performance and disk space, I’ve created a RAM Disk that I place the TX logs on. This improves performance for big maintenance jobs and I can easily free up space by rebooting the server.

  2. I voted, but I’d like to put in a request for check boxes (multiple options) rather than radio buttons (single option) for this one.

  3. Pam – unfortunately the free survey service I use doesn’t have that option – and I was near the 10 options limit so I couldn’t add in any combos. Thanks for voting though.

  4. 1. full back up ervery day
    2. log back up ervery day
    3. DBCC SHRINKFILE(,,TRUNCATEONLY) executed everyday

    any more better suggestions?

    1. If you’re only doing a log backup once per day, you’re looking at a potential of up to 24 hours of data loss in a disaster. That’s not usually an acceptable amount for most businesses. And don’t do the truncateonly every day. Only shrink rarely if the log has grown out of control for some reason.

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