Weekly survey: what architecture do you buy? And which SQL Server edition?

This week's survey is another two-parter, part 1 of which suggested by Mike Walsh on Twitter:

  1. When you buy new servers, what archictecture do you predominantly buy, and why?
  2. When you buy new servers, which Edition of SQL Server do you predominantly buy, and why?

I know the surveys below don't have a 'whatever suits the project' (thanks Dave Dustin), if that's the high-order bit for you, please use the Other option and I'll collate those results manually.

I'll report on the result some time over the weekend of 5/16/09.

As always, a big Thanks! for contributing to the blog by responding. Please shoot me an email (Contact button, bottom left of the blog) if you have an idea for a good survey.

PS No comments on this post please (I'll delete them straight away) – please wait for the survey results post to avoid skewing the answers.

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