While we were on vacation at the start of July we spent a week on the live-aboard Kona Aggressor II catching up on some scuba-diving. Two of the night-dives were to a site where Manta Rays congregate (up to 16 of them at a time) and feed off plankton attracted to dive lights. The basic idea is that you put on extra weight and sit on the bottom (about 40 feet down) and shine your dive light up. Thousands of plankton will swarm in the light beam and the mantas will come down right above you (think a 20-foot wide ray swimming within 2 feet of your head). Anyway, there’s a large Moray Eel that’s become used to the divers and will swim up to see what’s going on. The link below is to a video taken at one of these night dives where the eel was playing around the neck of the dive boat’s chef, Ashley.


Very cool!