I've been spending some time reorganizing my electronic components and came across a serious blast from the past…


(Click the image for a larger version – 354Kb)

Left to right, from top down:

  • Zilog Z80 (popular in the Sinclair ZX computers)
  • Intel 8085 from 1980
  • AMD 8080 from 1977
  • Intel 8086 from 1978
  • Intel 8080 from 1979
  • Intel 8088 from 1981
  • Motorola 68000 (from the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga)

I guess I've kept these for nostalgia – I've got a bunch of 6502s but they're still in the computers. Checkout the Online Computer Museum (kind of slow) for a wonderful archive of nearly all old computers.