Who is watching over your precious SQL Servers while you’re busy?

I bet you'd love the answer to be "SQLskills.com"? Well now it can be.

Over the last few months some of our clients for whom we've performed SQL Server health checks on their critical servers have asked us if we'd consider a regular service where we perform mini-health checks on those same servers and also permanently monitor the servers for anything untoward happening.

Now that we're expanding our team of world-class SQL experts again (more details on Friday!) we have the capacity to do this, so today I'm announcing a new "remote DBA" service.

Once we've completed an initial health check of the SQL Server instances you'd like us to look after, we'll install a monitoring package that will alert you and us by email if anything out-of-the-ordinary happens (in response to which we'll log in and see what's up) and on a regular interval (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly – whatever works for you and your budget) we'll log in and perform a mini health check to ensure that things are ticking along nicely. We can log in with or without you being present – completely up to you – and of course we'll be under complete NDA. And we can do it anywhere in the world.

We're the company that shows people how to be great DBAs and we solve the nasty performance/SAN/design problems that others give up on.

Why not take the pressure off, get some peace of mind, and let us be *your* DBAs?

Exorbitantly expensive? Not at all – you're paying for hours we work, not a massive retainer.

If you're interested in finding out more details, send me an email.

It may just be the best investment you make all year.

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