Be careful when playing with features

I recently performed a health audit for a client and found several transaction logs that had grown exponentially larger than the data files. This is a fairly common thing to find when databases are in full recovery model with no log backups, however that was not this client’s issue. The databases were in full recovery […]

Becoming a mentor

I was recently asked if I would take on being the mentor for one of our fellow #sqlfamily members. I was extremely humbled at this request and immediately said yes. I’ve mentored a few others in I.T. over the past few years, but this is what I would call my first big mentoring project. Mentoring […]

SQL Server 2005 end of extended support

Microsoft has recently confirmed that the end of extended support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 will be April 12, 2016. At the time of this blog post that is just under 1 year from now. One year is not that very long if you have several mission critical applications that rely on SQL Server 2005. To […]

Common Things Administrators Miss

A big part of any DBA consultant’s job is helping clients’ workloads run faster. When I get called to help a client, the first thing I do is perform an audit of their instance to get a good baseline. I pull a lot of history from DMVs, log files and system configuration information. A lot […]