SQL Server 2005 end of extended support

Microsoft has recently confirmed that the end of extended support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 will be April 12, 2016. At the time of this blog post that is just under 1 year from now. One year is not that very long if you have several mission critical applications that rely on SQL Server 2005. To migrate there is a great deal of testing and validation that must be done. If you are currently having to support SQL Server 2005 then now is the time to engage others to start the planning and migration of these databases. According to a blog post by T.K. Rengarajan, SQL Server 2014 has been bench-marked to be 13 times faster than SQL Server 2005. In addition to SQL Server 2014 being much faster, there are many new features you could benefit from such as Always On, backup encryption, backup compression, and more. If your application does not support SQL Server 2014 you still should consider upgrading to a supported platform such as SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008R2 or SQL Server 2012. Each have a number of new features and performance improvements over SQL Server 2005.


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