Azure SQL Database Serverless Tier

Azure SQL Database serverless is a service tier for general purpose singleton databases. With serverless, you can configure a min and max vCore size for automatic scaling. In this model, compute is billed per second. As your workload increases, your allocated vCore will increase to handle the workload up to the max vCore you specify. Similarly, as your workload decreases, your allocated vCore would decrease saving you compute cost.

When selecting a max vCore size, you’ll be presented with a range for min vCore. The current allocated vCores will determine the available memory to the database. For example, 2 vCores would have 6 GB of memory where 12 vCores would have 36 GB. Total available storage is also tied to max vCores:

  • 1 vCore – up to 512GB
  • 2-4 vCore – up to 1TB
  • 6-10 vCore – up to 1.5TB
  • 12-20 vCore – up to 3TB
  • 24-40 vCore – up to 4TB

Available storage for the transaction log is tied to max database size with up to 1TB allowed.

In addition to being able to auto scale vCores up and down based upon your workload demands, you also have the ability to auto pause compute after 1 hour or up to 7 days of inactivity by using the autopause delay feature.

Check out my video where I step you through setting up and configuring an Azure SQL Database with serverless.

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