When Updating Statistics is too Expensive

Hopefully by now, anyone working with SQL Server as a profession is aware of how important statistics are. If you aren’t sure why, or you need a refresher, check out Kimberly’s blog post “Why are Statistics so Important“. Here’s a hint, the query optimizer uses statistics to help make decisions when creating an execution plan. […]

Managing Virtual Log Files in Azure Managed Instance

Maintaining the number of virtual log files (VLFs) in a transaction log is a task that is routinely performed in analysis of SQL Server instances. Numerous blog post have been dedicated to covering the issue of maintaining an efficient number of VLFs. Kimberly wrote about the impact of too few or too many files and […]

Capturing Throughput Usage in SQL Server

I recently posted an article at sqlperformance.com about the importance of selecting the proper size Azure VM because of limits placed on throughput based on the VM size. I was sharing this article during my “Introduction to Azure Infrastructure as a Service” session during SQLintersection when Milan Ristovic asked how best to calculate throughput. I […]