Why do YOU avoid Extended Events?

On Monday this week I had an interesting exchange on Twitter with a bunch of folks who are die-hard Profiler/Trace users, and have no interest in using Extended Events.  To wit: Now, Denny and I are good friends, and his tweet didn’t upset me in any way, it just got me thinking.  Why are DBAs […]

Use of the C: drive by the Profiler UI and XE Live Data Viewer

I had an email from a fellow MVP this week who is in the process of learning Extended Events (hooray!). One question this person had was whether Extended Events had the same issue as Profiler where the C: drive can be heavily used and potentially run out space. To clarify, with regard to Profiler UI, […]

Filtering Events in Trace/Profiler and Extended Events

It seems very wrong to write a post that talks about Trace, after all I’ve done to advocate that everyone start using Extended Events (XE). However, I know there are a lot of you who still use Trace because you’re running SQL Server 2008R2 and earlier, so you all get a free pass. Until you […]

Extended Events Usage Survey

Last week at the PASS Summit I presented my Making the Leap from Profiler to Extended Events session, and one of the questions I always ask at the beginning is how many people have used Profiler (usually most of the attendees) and how many have used Extended Events (very few).  I’m giving this session again […]