Do you need to update statistics after an upgrade?

This post originally went live on May 11, 2018, but modifications were made on May 14, 2018 after some additional internal discussions with Microsoft.  Changes made on May 14, 2018 are in blue.   There are a variety of methods we use for helping customers upgrade to a new SQL Server version, and one question we […]

DBCC CLONEDATABASE Cannot insert duplicate key Error

If you’ve been using DBCC CLONEDATABASE at all, you might have run into a cannot insert duplicate key error (or something similar) when trying to clone a database: Database cloning for ‘YourDatabase’ has started with target as ‘COPY_YourDatabase’. Msg 2601, Level 14, State 1, Line 1 Cannot insert duplicate key row in object ‘sys.sysschobjs’ with […]

Endpoints for Mirroring and AGs in SQL Server 2016

I migrated a customer to SQL Server 2016 last weekend (YAY!) and ran into an interesting issue. The original environment was SQL Server 2012 on server A. The new environment, running SQL Server 2016, is a three-node Availability Group with servers B, C, and D. I had already set up the AG with a test […]

SQL Server 2016 Upgrade Testing with the New Cardinality Estimator: Context Matters

This week I’ve been working with SQL Server 2016 and it’s been a lot of fun – this is truly a great release from the SQL Server team.  Yesterday I was working on some upgrade testing with regard to the new Cardinality Estimator (CE), introduced in SQL Server 2104 and well explained in this whitepaper […]

Don’t Hard Boil Your Next SQL Server Upgrade

SQL Server upgrades and hard-boiled eggs. What do these two things have in common? Probably nothing, but last week Jon and I were having a conversation about an upgrade I need to do for one of our clients. Now I can’t go into specifics because of the NDA, but I can give you some of […]