Instant File Initialization: Easier to Enable in SQL Server 2016 (and some updated numbers)

The ability to have SQL Server data files skip zero initialization when they are created or grown has been available since SQL Server 2005.  By default, when you create a new data file in SQL Server, or extend the size of an existing one, zeroes are written to the file.  Depending on the size of […]

Capture Blocking Information with Extended Events and the Blocked Process Report

I am a big fan of Adam Machanic’s WhoIsActive script, and when customers have issues with performance, it’s one of the first tools I recommend because it’s so simple to use and provides great information.  Very often it helps with quickly determining an issue, but sometimes there’s a need to capture more information, particularly when […]

Let’s Get Ready to Summit!

Friends…the conference season is upon us (and could I have thought up a cheesier title for this post?!).   In less than two weeks the PASS Summit kicks off in Seattle and I am very much looking forward to a week of all things SQL Server. I will be in Seattle a full week, but […]