RML Utilities and SQL Server 2012

RML Utilities is a free utility created by Microsoft and used by the SQL Server support team.  It’s available for download and if you work with SQL Trace data at all I’d recommend giving it a look. I know, I know, Trace is deprecated in SQL Server 2012.  But not everyone is running 2012 so […]

A Poll: Recommendations for New Speakers

This morning I wrote a post on my original blog about presenting. I’m cross-posting here because I want to ask other speakers, and my SQLskills colleagues, for the number one piece of advice they provide to new speakers. Write a quick post, or leave a comment. New presenters want to hear from you, and I […]

Customizing the Default Counters for Performance Monitor

I am a huge fan of Performance Monitor (PerfMon). Yes, I know, that’s a geeky statement, but I don’t care. There is such a wealth of information available from PerfMon; you can use it to look at performance real-time, or to capture metrics about performance over time.  And, the functionality is built in to Windows. […]