DBCC CHECKDB Parallel Checks and SQL Server Edition

It’s been a few weeks since the PASS Summit but I’m still getting the occasional email from people who attended one of my sessions. I consider this a good thing – I believe that if someone follows up with me a few weeks after they attended a session, then something I said stuck with them […]

What Checks Update dbccLastKnownGood?

One of the methods I’ve used to check when a client last ran DBCC CHECKDB on their database is the dbccLastKnownGood value on the boot page (page 9 in the PRIMARY file).  When working with a client a couple weeks ago, the value for dbccclastknowngood was from 2006, but the customer stated they were running […]

T-SQL Tuesday #36: What Does Community Mean?

  I find this month’s T-SQL Tuesday topic quite appropriate, as it follows the 2012 PASS Summit, a time when I get to see so many members of the SQL Server Community.  Chris Yates (@YatesSQL) is hosting this month and asks, “What Does Community Mean to You?”  My short answer? #sqlfamily, #sqlhelp and opportunity. When […]

PASS Summit 2012: Day 2

Happy second day of Summit!  Holy buckets, yesterday was a busy day.  But it was great.  After the keynote I headed off to present my DBCC session which went well.  Thank you to everyone that attended and to all of those who had questions and provided feedback.  I am presenting again today, same time (10:15 […]

PASS Summit 2012: Day 1

Happy first day of Summit everyone!  Ok, if you attended any pre-conference sessions then today probably does not feel like the first day, but it’s the first day with a keynote and general sessions.  My day started with a 3 mile-ish #sqlrun down along the waterfront.  It was a great way to kick off the […]