Costumes, PASS Summit, and Argenis Without Borders 2.0

I’ve never been a fan of Halloween. Obviously not because I don’t like candy or chocolate (you all know I like sweets right?).  It’s because I dread the costume. This wasn’t a problem as a kid. My costumes included, in no particular order… A mummy (though I got tangled in a couple trees due to […]

In Support of PASS Board of Directors Nominee Ryan Adams

Reminder: Opinions are my own. There are four candidates running for three Board of Director positions this year (in alpha order): Ryan Adams Argenis Ferndandez Tim Ford Jen Stirrup You can read more about each candidate through links on PASS’ Elections page here. I do know all four candidates personally – some a bit better […]

Don’t Hard Boil Your Next SQL Server Upgrade

SQL Server upgrades and hard-boiled eggs. What do these two things have in common? Probably nothing, but last week Jon and I were having a conversation about an upgrade I need to do for one of our clients. Now I can’t go into specifics because of the NDA, but I can give you some of […]