Capture Blocking Information with Extended Events and the Blocked Process Report

I am a big fan of Adam Machanic’s WhoIsActive script, and when customers have issues with performance, it’s one of the first tools I recommend because it’s so simple to use and provides great information.  Very often it helps with quickly determining an issue, but sometimes there’s a need to capture more information, particularly when […]

Taking Risks

risk \’risk\ noun : the possibility that something bad or unpleasant (such as an injury or a loss) will happen [reference:] There are risks in life every day.  Some we see very clearly.  Others we don’t even notice.  Some are related to relationships with family and friends.  Some are related to our careers.  And […]

Use of the C: drive by the Profiler UI and XE Live Data Viewer

I had an email from a fellow MVP this week who is in the process of learning Extended Events (hooray!). One question this person had was whether Extended Events had the same issue as Profiler where the C: drive can be heavily used and potentially run out space. To clarify, with regard to Profiler UI, […]