On Monday this week I had an interesting exchange on Twitter with a bunch of folks who are die-hard Profiler/Trace users, and have no interest in using Extended Events.  To wit:

Tweet from Denny about Profiler (used with permission)

Tweet from Denny about Profiler (used with permission)

Now, Denny and I are good friends, and his tweet didn’t upset me in any way, it just got me thinking.  Why are DBAs and developers so resistant to using Extended Events?  I have some theories, but I realized I should collect some data.

Therefore, whether you:

  • Have never tried Extended Events,
  • Have tried Extended Events but would rather keep using Profiler/Trace,
  • Use Extended Events occasionally but still prefer Profiler/Trace,

I want to hear from you.  Whatever the reason, I want to know – so please leave a comment below.  My goal is to understand what the main challenges are so that I can then provide options and solutions, or create Connect items for the product team to address any gaps in functionality.

Extended Events *is* the replacement for Profiler/Trace; it’s not going away.  I really want people to be prepared for the time when Profiler and Trace are removed from the product.  And I want to provide feedback to the SQL Server product team to address limitations that people find in Extended Events.  If the feature is lacking something, we need to work together to create change.

Thanks in advance for your help, and if you haven’t tried XE, or are looking for a refresher, then please attend my webinar next Tuesday, April 5th at 12PM EDT: Kicking and Screaming: Replacing Profiler with Extended Events.  I’d love to see you there and can help get you started with XE!

EDIT 2:37PM EDT: If you are still running 2008 or 2008R2, then our advice has always been to stick with Trace and Profiler.  If you’re running SQL Server 2012 and higher, then I recommended Extended Events.  Why?  Because it wasn’t until SQL Server 2012 that every event from Trace had a comparable event in Extended Events.  So,if your argument is that you don’t want to learn XQuery and XML because you’re on 2008 or 2008R2, I’m right there with you and will tell you that’s fine, wait until 2012 to use XE.