SQL Server 2016 Upgrade Testing with the New Cardinality Estimator: Context Matters

This week I’ve been working with SQL Server 2016 and it’s been a lot of fun – this is truly a great release from the SQL Server team.  Yesterday I was working on some upgrade testing with regard to the new Cardinality Estimator (CE), introduced in SQL Server 2104 and well explained in this whitepaper […]

Mapping Events from Trace to Extended Events

Every time I talk about migrating from Profiler and Trace to Extended Events (XE), I seem to add something to my presentation.  It’s not always intentional, and I don’t know if it’s because I just can’t stop tweaking my demos and contents, or something else, but here in London at IEPTO2 this week, I added […]

SQL Trace versus Extended Events: How long does it take to startup a trace vs. an event session?

Yesterday I asked how everyone uses Trace and Profiler…  Jonathan and I have talked about creating a library of Extended Events script to help people migrate off of Profiler and Trace and that post was designed to generate some ideas about what people might find useful. I haven’t gotten a ton of comments, but I […]

Tell me how you use Profiler and Trace

Back in April I wrote a post asking why people tend to avoid Extended Events.  Many of you provided feedback, which I greatly appreciated.  A common theme in the responses was time.  Many people found that creating an event session in Extended Events that was comparable to one they would create in Trace took longer.  […]