Query Store Pre-Con at PASS Summit: More Details

In the time since my last post about my Query Store pre-con at the PASS Summit (it’s just about a month away!) I’ve gotten several more questions about the session.  I’ve consolidated them and provided answers here, and if anyone still wants to know more, please email me! What version of SQL Server will you […]

Changes to query text and the effects in Query Store

In this week’s Insider newsletter, Paul talked about an interesting customer issue I ran into last week related to Query Store, and an inadvertent change to a query’s text.  I thought I’d provide some demo code so that those of you using (or planning to use) Query Store could see how this shows up in […]

Query Store Pre-Con at the PASS Summit: Is it right for you?

I received an email over the weekend asking about my pre-con at the PASS Summit, my general session at the Summit, and my Query Store course on Pluralsight. The individual wanted to know the requirements for the pre-con, and what overlap exists between these three. Great question. First, feel free to review the abstracts for […]