Baselines for SQL Server and Azure SQL Database

Last week I got an email from a community member who had read this older article of mine on baselining, and asked if there were any updates related to SQL Server 2016, SQL Server 2017, or vNext (SQL Server 2019). It was a really good question. I haven’t visited that article in a while and […]

Removing a database from a replica in an Availability Group

I recently had a scenario in a two-node Availability Group where multiple large-batch modification queries were executed and created a large redo queue on the replica.  The storage on the replica is slower than that on the primary (not a desired scenario, but it is what it is) and the secondary has fallen behind before, […]

Plan Forcing in SQL Server

Last month I was in Portugal for their SQLSaturday event, and I spent a lot of time talking about Plan Forcing in SQL Server – both manual and automatic (via the Automatic Plan Correction feature). I had some really great questions from my pre-con and regular session and wanted to summarize a few thoughts on […]