Recap: SQLSaturday #149

Yesterday’s SQLSaturday #149 (Minnesota) was most excellent.  A few comments/observations/recaps: The event was extremely well organized and professional – while still managing to maintain a regional, relaxed atmosphere across 400+ attendees.  The organizers did an absolutely incredible job and should be proud of themselves.  There were several folks involved, and plenty of “orange shirts” walking […]

RunAs Radio Interview

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Richard Cambell of RunAs Radio:  Joe Sack Tunes Queries in SQL Server! We talk about performance tuning, consulting scenarios and a little bit about SQL Server 2012 columnstore indexing.

Presenting at SQLSaturday 149

Next Saturday, September 29th, I’ll be presenting at SQLSaturday #149 in Minneapolis, Minnesota – my home town. This will be the second SQLSaturday I’ve been able to attend and speak at since joining SQLskills (almost) one year ago. I’ll be presenting “Resolving Cardinality Estimation Issues” and also facilitating the SQL Server performance topic over lunch […]

New Course: SQL Server: Transact-SQL Basic Data Modification

As Paul recently announced, the entire SQLskills team will be rolling out SQL Server content across several subjects on My latest course,  “SQL Server: Transact-SQL Basic Data Modification”, which is the companion to “SQL Server: Transact-SQL Basic Data Retrieval”, was just published today by The course description is as follows: “If you need […]

What Does the Future Hold for Cardinality Estimates and Cost Models in Windows Azure SQL Database?

I’ve been interested in exploring what changes may be coming through in SQL Azure (Windows Azure – “SQL Database” now) around query execution cost models and cardinality estimates being fed to them.  This was motivated by a couple of things… First of all, I saw a blog post from Grant Fritchey where he noticed that […]